May 31, 2013

At this point, the main board and code has been tested. The next step is to return to the original concept: Modularization.

In an attempt to further modularize the controller, and reduce the complexity of the wiring in the case, it was necessary to make modifications and build custom connector interfaces.

The Sanwa OBSN-24 buttons used in this controller are durable, easy to mount, and simple pushbuttons. The only problem is that they require blade connectors, which can be problematic for attaching pin headers. Instead, a slight modification makes them fit nicely into a small piece of protoboard.

The pushbutton has only two connectors, but we need three:

  • 1. Ground
  • 2. Signal
  • 3. Ground (Through to next control)

This will enable us to daisy-chain the ground to each pushbutton, thereby reducing the wires needed in the case.

First, the blade connector was cut in half with a pair of wire cutters.

Then, each half was cut down to the size of a normal pin using a Dremel.

Next, the pins were carefully bent so they fit into a small piece of protoboard.

Finally, the modified pins were soldered into the piece of protoboard.

Here are 4 modified pushbuttons with right angle pin headers attached. They are mounted to the front panel.

Then next post will contain information about emulations of the “Combo LED Knobs” like on the Pioneer DJM-350 mixer.